Resource | 11/21/2022

Encoder Modules & Signal Accessories Brochure

There are a lot of possible combinations of encoder outputs to the desired output and data adjustment needed.

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Resource | 09/19/2022

Material Handling Telematics and Safety Solutions Brochure

Telematics and safety components are critical pieces in the research and development of the next generation of material handling equipment.

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Resource | 09/12/2022

Sensor Solutions for Smart Buildings Brochure

Facilities around the world are a main contributor to global energy consumption.

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Resource | 08/24/2022

Sensors and Switches for Motor and Drives Brochure

Engineers keep pushing the limits of motor design — making them ever more compact, connected, energy-efficient and safe.

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Resource | 08/24/2022

Industrial Product Overview Brochure

Get the best solution to improve your application’s efficiency with Sensata’s pressure, position, motion, temperature and control product portfolio.

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Resource | 08/23/2022

Solid State Relay Selection Guide

Learn what solid state relays (SSRs) / contactors are, the benefits of using solid state switching technology, and what types of applications SSRs serve in this brochure.

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Resource | 08/18/2022

Sensors and Controls for Lift Trucks Flyer

Sensata provides a wide variety of sensors and controllers for forklifts and lift trucks, with key component lines focused in cabin control, stability control, electrical protection and battery man

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Resource | 07/29/2022

Why Use Solid State Switching Technology? Flyer

What is a Solid State Relay / Contactor?

A Solid State Relay or Contactor (SSR or SSC) is an electronic component that switches Power (AC or DC current) to a load circuit and provides ele

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Resource | 07/14/2022

Industrial Products Line Card Brochure

This brochure gives a brief overview of Sensata's Industrial product lines, including Circuit Breakers, Solid State Relays, Pressure Sensors and Switches, Industrial IoT, Motor Protectors, Level an

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