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  • Handles package sizes 3x3mm to 10x10mm
  • Clam shell
  • Compression Surface Mount
  • Elastomer interface material
  • Wedge guided pressure pad for direct Z axis pressure on the package during lid engagement
  • HTOL Compatible
  • Modular Design: Minimal components
  • Adaptable to various package thickness
  • Any pitch or pitch combination 0.4mm and greater
  • Max I/0 = 250



Extremely High Frequency > 20GHz
Self Inductance 0.15nH
Mutual Inductance 0.04nH
Mutual Capacitance 0.013pF
Contact Resistance < 50 mW
Current Rating 0.5 amps per I/O
Contact Force 18 grams
Extremely Coplanar < 0.001"
Environmental Capability - 40°C to 150°C
Typical Cycle Life 10,000 cycles min.

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