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The IWTT Wireless Temperature Transducer is a cost-effective replacement to a traditionally wired temperature transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments. Complete BSP and NPT thread types provide the ability to meet the specific application requirements across a wide variety of assets and media types.


IWTT Models = 1/4"BSP mounting thread IWTTU Models = 1/4"NPT mounting thread
IWTTJ200A J type 6x200mm IWTTUJ200A J type 6x200mm
IWTTJ300A J type 6x300mm IWTTUJ300A J type 6x300mm
IWTTJ400A J type 6x400mm IWTTUJ400A J type 6x400mm
IWTTK150A K type 6x150mm IWTTUK150A K type 6x150mm
IWTTK200A K type 6x200mm IWTTUK200A K type 6x200mm
IWTTK300A K type 6x300mm IWTTUK300A K type 6x300mm
IWTTK400A K type 6x400mm IWTTUK400A K type 6x400mm
IWTTP100A PT100 6x100mm IWTTUP100A PT100 6x100mm
IWTTP150A PT100 6x150mm IWTTUP150A PT100 6x150mm
IWTTP200A PT100 6x200mm IWTTUP200A PT100 6x200mm
IWTTP250A PT100 6x250mm IWTTUP250A PT100 6x250mm
IWTTP300A PT100 6x300mm IWTTUP300A PT100 6x300mm
IWTTP400A PT100 6x400mm IWTTUP400A PT100 6x400mm

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