wireless sensor

The IWPT Series, including IWPT, IWPTU, IWPTL, and IWPTLU Pressure Sensors are a cost-effective replacement to a traditionally wired pressure transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments. The complete offering provides the ability to meet the specific application requirements across a wide variety of assets and media types.


1/4"BSP 1-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA 1/4" NPT 1-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA
Part Number Pressure Rating Part Number Pressure Rating
IWPT-C0184-00 -1 to +24bar IWPTU-C0446-00 -14.5 to +150psiG
IWPT-G1000-00 0-1barG IWPTU-C0447-00 -14.5 to +150psiG
IWPT-G1002-00 0-10barG IWPTU-GP015-00 -0-15psiG
IWPT-G1003-00 0-100barG IWPTU-GP030-00 0-30psiG
IWPT-G1602-00 0-16barG IWPTU-GP075-00 0-75psiG
IWPT-G2502-00 0-25barG IWPTU-GP100-00 0-100psiG
IWPT-G2503-00 0-250barG IWPTU-GP150-00 0-150psiG
IWPT-G4002-00 0-40barG IWPTU-GP1K5-00 0-1500psiG
IWPT-G4003-00 0-400barG IWPTU-GP300-00 0-300psiG
IWPT-G6000-00 0-6barG IWPTU-GP3K6-00 0-3600psiG
IWPT-GM1P9-00 -1 to +9barG IWPTU-GP5K8-00 0-5800psiG
IWPTL-A0500-00 0-500mbarAbs IWPTU-GP750-00 0-750psiG
IWPTL-A0750-00 0-750mbarAbs IWPTLU-AP005-00 0-5psiAbs
IWPTL-A1000-00 0-1000mbarABS IWPTLU-AP010-00 0-10psiAbs
IWPTL-G0050-00 0-50mbarG IWPTLU-AP015-00 0-15psiAbs
IWPTL-G0100-00 0-100mbarG IWPTLU-GP001-00 0-1psiG
IWPTL-G0250-00 0-250mbarG IWPTLU-GP002-00 0-2psiG
IWPTL-G0500-00 0-500mbarG IWPTLU-GP005-00 0-5psiG
IWPTL-G0750-00 0-750mbarG IWPTLU-GP008-00 0-8psiG
IWPTL-G1000-00 0-1000mbarG IWPTLU-GP010-00 0-10psiG
  IWPTLU-GP015-00 0-15psiG


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