Fuses, usually metal links of a lead alloy, are used extensively in the U.S., and work fairly well considering their intrinsic problems. Being dependent on the melting of a metal link, their exact blow point is subject to considerable variation. In addition, they must also be replaced, depending as they do on self-destruction.

Our High Voltage Fuses Catalog Brochure can provide you with specifications and detailed drawings of the following product categories: 

  • DC Fuses for EV, Energy Storage & Charger
  • High Speed Fuses for Industrial Power Supply and UPS
  • SMD Fuses for Electronic Device & Battery
  • SMD Fuses for High Power Application
  • Cartridge Fuses for DMI
  • 10x38 Midget Fuse
  • Cartridge Fuses for Industrial Power
  • Cartridge Fuses for HVDC, Air Conditioner & Household Appliances
  • Photovoltaic and Telecom Protection
  • Fuse Accessory

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High Voltage Fuses
High Voltage Fuses Catalog

Fuses from 200mA to 50KA @ 1000Vdc

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