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Part #051AAA080A-060A

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  • Hermetic glass seal, isolated-case only
  • Ideal for immersion sensing
  • Multiple mounting and terminations available
  • UL and CSA recognized component


Contact Ratings Cycles Voltage Amps Case Type
100,000 120VAC / 32 VDC 3 (resistive) isolated case
100,000 125VAC pilot duty to 240VAC 1.5 (resistive) isolated case
6,000 240VAC 2.5 (resistive) isolated case
Contact Operations Either close on rise (make) or open on rise (break), SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw)
Operating Temperature +35ºF to 480ºF (+1.67ºC to 249ºC)
Dielectric Strength 1800 Vrms, 60Hz terminals to case
Insulation Resistance 60 megaohms at 500 VDC
Vibration .06DA, 10-55 Hz, 20G 20-2000 Hz
Shock .75G 6ms duration (sawtooth)
Pressure Exposure Limit Standard tube will withstand 1500 psi max
Approvals UL E36687 and E66685, CSA LR25561-6 and LR25561-8
Material Stainless steel body and tube, compression glass seal, Mylar® sleeve, epoxy fill potting, stainless orplated steel terminals, fine silver contacts

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